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Austria's first 100 % local spirits cocktail bar

International style and regional produce. What has long been seen in the kitchen is now being put to use in our new bar 'Flora' – we are only using spirits created by local distillers in our own cocktail creations. A unique experiment, with high-proof pleasure.

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Cocktails made using the best spirits in Austria. Between garden bar and bar-code.

During the day the 'Flora' is a sophisticated café with delicious pastries fro our in house patisserie, while in the evening it blossoms to become one of the trendiest cocktail bars in Austria, with live music and a unique bar concept. We create all our drinks ourselves, exclusively prepared with local spirits.



Opening hours

Bar: Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 pm untill 01:00 am Sunday from 3:00 pm untill 11:00 pm
Coffee house: daily from 12:00 am untill 6:00 pm

New at Bar Flora!

With great attention to detail, our pastry chef Jan Eggers produces a selection of different pastries for you every day.

They are not only a visual highlight - which can be admired in our cake display case - but are also considered a special taste experience!

What makes us very happy: Jan Eggers was named “Gault&Millau Patissier of the Year 2024”.


Flora’s Signature Drinks

Available Monday to Saturday from 6pm, Sundays from 3pm


Wiskey | rose kombucha | blackberry | salt | Honey € 13,50


raspberry | lime | ginger € 12,00


gin | blueberry | green tea | lemon € 11,00


pepper | cucumber | vodka | strawberry | spiced syrup | lemon € 13,00


ginerol | vermouth | gin | espresso | chili € 13,00


basil | yoghrt | tequila | orange liqueur | honey € 13,00


caramel infused vodja | Yuzu | lemon curd | sour cream € 14,00


tonka bean | egg white | pear kefir | honey | sparkling wine € 12,00

Non-alcoholic enjoyment...


green tea | lemon | blueberry | non-alcoholic rum € 7,00


Non-alcoholic Gin | pear kefir | honey | tonic € 9,00

short but Happy End...


tequila | chocolate | lime € 4,50



herbal bitters | strawberry | elderberry € 4,00

Somewhere between ...

business and bar style

This is a favourite spot to just stay in.

- or to come back to time and again. At any rate, there is a huge potential for it to become your local. Anyone who has ever been here, wants more. Much more of the cool lifestyle, even  more of that feeling of time-out oasis – and a considerable amount more of that feeling of enjoying an elegant-nostalgic-trashy 'home-base' bar. Here beautiful colours like burgundy and crushed-ice turquoise come together to merge with the cosy wood and dark-green natural stone at the bar. And of course with the cosy leather on the comfy bar stools. So you can get comfortable and it can get comfortably late. Or early, depending on how you look at it.

business and bar style

Somewhere between ...

inside and outside

The garden and the bar

Like Eden and Flora. We are somewhere in between. Fresh air, fresh green, everything blossoming and growing. There is a desire to feel chilled-out, enjoy life and laughter. That cross-over is in flux. The symbiosis of inner life and external effects are more than enticing. For that reason the best thing to do is celebrate both. A casual lunch in the garden, a coffee with a delicious cake in the bar, enjoying views to the green, another meal outside, then head back in 'easy-cheesy' to enjoy a digestif in the guise of a cocktail night-cap.

inside and outside

Somewhere between ...

wing-backed chair and bar stool

Take a seat. Time at a slower pace.

Enter into that real connoisseur flow. Whether it is on wonderfully comfortable armchairs,  bar-style bench and bar table, at the bar on mini fauteuils or in one of the stylish little lounge suites with views to the flower-filled garden; time seems to fly. Or maybe you prefer to stand. Same difference really. Here your mind unwinds and your heart blossoms. Simply Flora!

wing-backed chair and bar stool



Hirter Kellermeister0,2 l€ 4,20
Hirter Kellermeister0,3 l€ 4,80
Hirter Kellermeister0,5 l€ 5,60
Hirter Pils vom Fass0,2 l€ 3,90
Hirter Pils vom Fass0,3 l€ 4,50
Hirter Pils vom Fass0,5 l€ 5,40
Weihenstephan0,5 l€ 5,50
Gösser Naturgold alkoholfrei0,5 l€ 4,50


Non-alcoholic drinks

Naturtrüber Apfelsaft, Handl0,25 l€ 3,50
Apfelsaft0,25 l€ 3,00
Marille, Hadler0,25 l€ 4,00
Birne- Zitrone0,25 l€ 4,00
Erdbeere, Hadler0,25 l € 4,00
Johannisbeere, Hadler0,25 l€ 4,00
Orangensaft0,25 l€ 3,00
Bitter Lemon0,2 l€ 4,00
Tonic (classic, raspberry,pear)0,2 l€ 4,00
Coca Cola0,33 l€ 3,50
Coca Cola light | zero0,33 l€ 3,50
Römerquelle still | prickelnd0,33 l€ 3,00
Eistee0,33 l€ 5,50


Bar- Food, coffee and pastries

Flora can do cuisine too. Will it be during the day a 'Melange' coffee with pastries from our in-house patisserie? Our bar serves delicious signature dishes every evening from 6pm to 10pm. So if you discover culinary ambitions a little later, you will find typically Styrian dishes such as beef tartare, steak toast and many more. Just taste and enjoy! 

Flora's delights

Our kitchen is open daily for orders until 22.00.

for the small appetite available daily between 6pm and 10pm

Beef Tatar from Almo (90 G) with toast 
Beef Tatar from Almo (150G) with toast 
€ 16,00
€ 21,00
Boiled beef bouillon with garnish
Semolina dumplings / pancake strips / liver dumplings
€ 5,50
Ham-cheese Toast with homemade dip€ 5,90
Premium caviar from siberian sturgeon 50 gram
alpine caviar baeri (calcalps) | whipped butter | toast
€ 120,00


To satisfy your hunger into the night

Available daily from 5.30pm until 1 am

"Rupf-Zupf" Burger
BBQ pulled pork | coleslaw | brioche | potato chips 
€ 10,00
"Pilz Dog"
Marinated mushrooms | pretzel stick | herb mayonnaise | potato chips 
€ 12,00
"Jausen Brettl"
Bacon | cheese | pretzel | potato salad | minced loaf | pumpkin seed dip
€ 18,00


Pastries from our in-house patisserie Gault&Millau patissier of the year 2024 - Jan Eggers

Our service staff will be happy to inform you about the current selection of our sweet delicacies. 


Champagne, sparkling wines & wines

We put a great deal of passion into compiling our wine list. It features well-known brands and rare wines – yet above all, it reveals an attitude – that of each and every wine-grower who see their work as an artisan craft. Our main focus is on biodynamic wines from Austria, as well as Germany and France. 


Sparkling wines

Prosecco Le Contesse1/8 l€ 6,10
Schilcherfrizzante1/8 l€ 6,70
Gelber Muskatellersekt1/8 l€ 7,50
Cremant de Loire Rosé0,1 l€ 5,80


Rosé wines

Cistercien Rosé 
1/8 l€ 5,50


White wines

WG TRUMMER, Südsteiermark
1/8 l€ 8,00
Gelber Muskateller DAC
1/8 l€ 7,50
Sauvignon Blanc Vulkanland DAC
1/8 l€ 8,00


1/8 l€ 9,50
Grüner Veltlinder Ried Gottschelle
1/8 l€ 8,00


Red wines

1/8 l€ 8,50
Zweigelt Umathum
1/8 l€ 7,00
Rosso di Montalcino DOC
1/8 l€ 9,50




Ruotkers Barley4 cl€ 12,50
Ruotkers Rüdiger4 cl€ 7,00
Reisetbauer&Son SingleM4 cl€ 22,50
Farthofer Whiskey  Mostello 4 cl€ 9,50
AWA Whisky4 cl€ 14,00
Old Ravens Smoky Devil4 cl€ 11,50
Krauss Sulm Valley Bour.4 cl€ 10,00
Lava Bräu Bio Brisky4 cl€ 14,00
Lava Bräu Bio Genesis4 cl€ 19,00



Farthofer Organic Gin4 cl€ 8,00
Gölles Hands on Gin4 cl € 7,00
Graz Gin4 cl€ 9,00
Traunsteiner Sloe Gin4 cl€ 6,00
MOT´S Buddhas Hand Gin4 cl€ 9,00
MOT´S Wild Strips4 cl€ 9,00



Axberg Vodka4 cl€ 7,00
Farthofer Organic Vodka4 cl€ 9,00
Krauss Vogelbeere4 cl€ 7,00
Krauss Johannisbeere4 cl€ 7,00


Bitter Licks

Purpur Schwarzer Hund Classic2 cl€ 11,00
Purpur Schwarzer Hund Sine2 cl€ 11,00
Fuxbau Kräuter Bitter2 cl€ 7,00
Sporer Aperitifbitter2 cl€ 7,00
Kimmersdorfer Amaro2 cl€ 6,00
Kimmersdorfer KD 20202 cl€ 5,00
Steirer Bitter2 cl€ 11,50



Ron Johan Plum4 cl€ 7,00
Ron Johan White4 cl€ 7,00
Ron Johan Dark4 cl€ 7,00
Ron Johan Strong4 cl€ 8,00
Rogner Hermano4 cl€ 8,50
Farthofer O Rum4 cl€ 8,00
Xo Rum Reisetb.4cl€ 12,00


Miss Rosy White5 cl€ 5,50
Miss Rosy Red5 cl€ 5,50
Sissi Wermut5 cl€ 5,50
Tramonto5 cl€ 5,00



Freihof Mirtillo4 cl€ 5,00
Rogner Hermana Rumlikör4 cl€ 7,00
Kukmirn Kaffee-Karamell4 cl€ 9,00
Kukmirn Mondphasenkräuter4 cl€ 10,00
Wiener Mocca4 cl€ 6,00
Old Judge Falernum4 cl€ 7,00


Fine brandies

Gölles Alter Apfel 2 cl€ 5,00
Gölles Alte Zwetschke  2 cl€ 6,00
Gölles Vogelbeere2 cl€ 12,00
Gölles Kriecherl2 cl€ 6,00
Gölles Himbeere2 cl€ 15,00
Hochstrasser Waldhimbeere2 cl€ 7,00
Hochstrasser Schilcher Tresterbrand 2 cl€ 5,00
Hochstrasser Marille  2 cl€ 5,00
Hochstrasser Williams Select 2 cl

€ 5,00

Hochstrasser Haselnuss

2 cl€ 6,00

Wiener Grant

2 cl€ 3,00
Domäne Wachau XA22 Veltliner Weinbrand2 cl€ 4,50
Hödl Hof Zirberl2 cl€ 3,00
Hödl Hof Feuerholz2 cl€ 3,00
Sommerhofer Tonkabohne2 cl€ 5,00
Sommerhofer Zitronengras2 cl€ 5,00
Styros Anis2 cl€ 3,00


Tequila & Mezcal

Padre Azul Blanco 2cl€ 6,00
Padre Azul Anejo2cl€ 9,00
Padrecito2cl€ 4,00
Xiaman Mazcal2cl€ 12,00

Between piano music and live sound.

Every bar has its vibes. And every piano its bon vivant. The one who tells their musical stories of yore, just as much as those of some time or other. Who with their playing stimulates brainstorms and spurs on visions. For that reason the FLORA inspires on a regular basis with live piano. Whether jazz, house, a bit classic-imperial or a a somewhat contemporary sound – a bar needs a piano. That's when the smoky whisky tastes of freedom, a fruity cocktail tastes like a holiday and a coffee of a freshly roasted night-life!

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