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Fitness in Graz

Wellness at the Parkhotel

A regular fitness work-out is part of your daily routine? During your Graz holiday you don't have to forgo your work-out. In the Parkhotel Graz' cosy gym you will find a range of gym machines in a friendly fitness atmosphere. 

Fitness at Parkhotel Graz in the heart of Austria
Gym at Parkhotel Graz

In the hotel's own gym you can work-out with state-of-the-art gym machines. Here you will find:

  • Step machine
  • Rowing machine
  • Treadmill
  • Cross-trainer
  • Multifunctional Life Fitness Tower 

Fit and active

The rowing machine is perfect for a strengthening full-body training. On the step machine and the treadmill you can improve your stamina. The multifunctional tower offers a wide range of exercises like chin-ups. 

Gymnastics and stretching

Take some time for a couple of gymnastics or yoga exercises with the available yoga mats or Swiss balls in the gym. Stretching and gymnastics are recommended at the end of a work-out and very important. Afterwards you are ready for your evening programme or a new day, feeling all refreshed and light.

Before or after an adventurous day in Graz, you will find time to relax in the Parkhotel Graz' Little Spa. Look forward to a relaxed holiday in Graz, the capital of indulgence. Make a reservation for your preferred room at the feel-good city hotel right in the city centre. Your hosts, the Florian family is looking forward to your visit – send them your no obligation holiday enquiry now.