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PHYTOMER cosmetics at the Parkhotel Graz

Coming from the sea to pamper your skin

PHYTOMER uses the healing power of the sea which has been decrypted with biotechnology and can therefore unfold its best effect in a concentrated way. More than 40 years of know-how in the beauty and spa industry guarantee scientifically proven results that are instantly visible. At the Parkhotel Graz you can enjoy top-notch skin care by PHYTOMER in addition to other skin care lines.

PHYTOMER treatments - unique skin care

The special feature of the PHYTOMER care protocols are exclusive manual application techniques. They include specific top products with the highest biotechnological efficiency. For immediately visible and scientifically proven results. The holistic treatments offer relaxation and surprising well-being. Relaxation modellings complete the treatments and improve the results. Many signature products by PHYTOMER prolong the sensual experience and increase the efficiency of the treatments.

Maritime cosmetics for more than 40 years

Since 1972, PHYTOMER has been developing its anti-aging products and high-tech skincare products based on seawater concentrate and algae. The concentrate, obtained in an exclusive process, contains not only all the active ingredients of seawater but also all important minerals to strengthen and revitalize the skin and the entire organism. Treat yourself to an exclusive beauty treatment based on pure nature.

All PHYTOMER treatments in detail

Cosmetic treatments for her and him:


Intention Jeunesse – Firming and smoothing treatment

3 key stages of a highly effective care to renew the skin, to smooth lines and firm up the skin.

Relax back module, cleansing & exfoliation, serum and mask, final care.

Ca. 60 min

Price: 80.00 Euro


Douceur marine – Soothing care

A veil of softness for sensitive skin and/or redness. This pampering treatment softens your skin and enhances its protection system for soothed and ideally hydrated skin.

Ca. 60 min

Price: 75.00 Euro


Acnipur – Blemish Solution Treatment

This cleansing and matifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves your skin visibly healthier and clearer. Skin flaws are diminished, clogged pores are unblocked and excess sebum is regulated.

Relax back module, cleansing & exfoliation, deep cleansing if needed and detox of the skin, serum and mask, final care.

Ca. 75 min

Price: 75.00 Euro


Perfect Regard – Smoothing care for a radiant look

Powerful, relaxing eye comfort care for a youthful radiant look. The delicate eye area needs special care. The treatment Perfect Regard tightens the eye area and smoothes wrinkles and crow's feet. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are softened. A radiant, vital look is the visible result of this treatment, which can be added to any facial treatment.

Make-up removal, cream mask, active modelling of the eye area, soothing mask, final care

Ca. 40 min

Price: 45 Euro

With facial care:

Ca. 25 min

Price: 25 Euro


PHYTOMER body care:


Morpho Designer - figure care

This new body treatment offers a comprehensive beauty experience which unites three major aesthetic actions in one single protocol: slimness, firmness and skin quality. After a smoothing multiexfoliation, a reshaping and refining massage sculpts “dream contours” for perfect-looking skin. The refined fragrances enhance the treatment even more and pamper body and mind. 

Ca. 60 min

Price: 80.00 Euro


Cocon Marin Minceur – Slimness algae body mask

Full-body algae mask in the heat cocoon with figure-enhancing, fat-splitting active substances from the sea for purifying, tightening and draining. A massage actively contributes to a slimmer silhouette. 

Ca. 60 min

Price: 80.00 Euro


Voile de Satin – whole body exfoliation with salt crystals

An exfoliation with sea salt crystals combined with a relaxing body massage for an express beauty treatment that leaves your skin soft and silky.

Ca. 55 min

Price: 45.00 Euro


Modelage dos Détox – Relaxing and detoxifying back treatment

Relax badk modellign with self-warming sea mud. For more well-being, relaxing, detoxifying and re-mineralising. for the whole organism. Especially advisable for persons who are very stressed and suffer from back tensions. Incl. foot massage, back exfoliation and back massage. 

Ca. 40 min

Price: 49.00 Euro


Jambes Légères – Cooling leg and vein treatment

A targeted care to reinvigorate and relax legs that tend to swelling and heaviness, also perfect for problems with blood circulation. 

Can be combined with a cosmetic pedicure. 

Ca. 35 min

Price: 43.00 Euro


Let yourself be pampered with a unique treatment with the organic cosmetics by PHYTOMER and give your skin new vitality. Make your appointment under 0676 6453234 or 0316 36 30 or send us an email Cancellation free of charge is possible 24 hours prior to your appointment, later we unfortunately need to charge 80 %. We accept cash and credit card.