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Special QMS treatments….

In our cosmetic area we are offering  treatments with the renowned products of QMS Medicosmetics. Hotel guests as well as external visitors can use the wide selection of cosmetic treatments. Free of charge parking is included.

Anti Aging with! QMS Medicosmetics
Anti Aging with! QMS Medicosmetics

QMS – Anti Aging concept

Dr. med. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics is acknowledged and respected as a leading specialist in skin care. For over 25 years he has been transforming the world of skincare, his innovative achievements are the foundation of QMS Medicosmetics scientifically advanced skincare products and spa treatments.

Dr. med. Erich Schulte combines his passion for science with his vast experience as surgeon in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery, to continually evolve the effectiveness of skincare.

With every QMS Medicosmetics product you experience powerful intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic not miracles.

QMS Medicosmetics skincare collection has been designed to improve the appearance and wellbeing of the skin, not just in the short term but to also deliver long-lasting benefits.

Our cosmetic expert

Our cosmetic expert Liliya Polishchuk is taking care of you with her professional hands. She has a cosmetic diploma as well as the beauty coach education. Liliya has already been working with the exclusive product line of QMS for years and therefore has a fundamental knowledge about the whole variety of products. She is well known for her accuracy and the high quality of the treatments she offers. Liliya is looking forward to pamper you with your individual treatment.

Our treatments

Collagen Rejuvenation (90 min)              € 110,00

An advanced, anti-aging treatment featuring QMS Medicosmetics unique high performance collagen system designed to deliver superior results. Skin is prepared through deep pore cleansing and exfoliation prior to the application pioneering treatment masks that improve the skin’s wellbeing. Moisture levels are boosted through the 70% natural soluble collagens, which intensely hydrate andrestore the skin. A treatment designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the complexion. Can also be adapted for sensitive skin.Upgrade option of Intense Collagen Rejuvenation (120min) – features additional massage of the neck, décolleté, arms and hands.

Sensitive Skin Re-Balance (60 Min)       € 75,00

Designed for problematic skin, this treatment clears impurities, calms inflammations and regenerates the basic functions of the skin, which are important in improving the overall wellness of skin. (Utilizes the specially formulated for sensitive skin MED Set of collagens and gentle exfoliation.)

Pure Oxygen (90 Min)                                  € 140,00

One of the top anti-aging facials, this treatment has been uniquely developed to channel ingredients effectively and intensively into the skin using QMS’ customized Oxygen Energy Applicator. The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates a regenerative process. It is one of the most effective treatments with the skin profile being immediately enhanced to leave it firmer,

smoother and radiant.

Neo Tissudermie (90 Min)                         € 120,00

Designed to strengthen and regenerate mature skin, this treatment both lifts and tightens skin that is slack or tired. A clear improvement in the skin structure can be detected immediately with skin feeling more defined and revitalized. QMS’ Neck & More is used to contour the delicate neck, décolleté and breast area, which is particularly prone to loss of elasticity as skin ages.

SK Alpha Revital Treatment (90 Min)                    € 120,00

An ideal facial to give skin an instant boost. Based on the highly revitalizing SK Alpha mask this intensive treatment stimulates microcirculation and energizes the skin’s complexion to a glowing radiance making it the perfect therapy for dull, stressed skin and an excellent preparation for a special occasion.

Pigment Corrector Treatment (90 Min)                               € 130,00

Exclusively developed to target dark spots, this specialized facial features an advanced skin-perfecting complex formulated to repair and protect the skin from hyperpigmentation. An ideal treatment to improve skin tone, boost cellular activity and reduce fine lines.

LipZone Concentrate Treatment (90 Min)          € 140,00

An advanced facial designed to treat the fine lines and wrinkles of the upper lip zone. Through focused exfoliation techniques the upper lip area is perfectly prepared for the application of Lip Line Corrector, the innovative active ingredient complex featured in this product improve the skin’s elasticity to leave a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Activator Treatment (60 Min)                                  € 70,00

An instantly revitalizing facial styled to improve the wellness and energy of the skin. Based on QMS Medicosmetics innovative activation techniques, this energizing treatment regenerates and refuels the skin through the supply of active ingredients leaving it firm, fresh and glowing.

Love the Skin Your Baby is In (75 Min)                 € 85,00

Combines the benefits of an intensely moisturizing and energizing facial with a relaxation massage of the arms, neck and shoulders in order to release tensions. During pregnancy skin can become dehydrated and stressed, so maintaining the moisture balance is important for the long-term wellbeing and vitality of the skin.

Face Treatments


LipZone Repair (15 Min)

Designed to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the upper lip area, this specialized lip zone repair combines active exfoliation techniques with an exclusively formulated serum to redefine the lip contour and restore the lip zone to a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Eye Reviver (15 Min)

Ideal for lifting tired and puffy eyes, this relaxing treatment provides complete rejuvenation for the delicate eye area. Through intense hydration; the eye area is left nourished, refreshed and smooth.

Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment (60 Min)              € 75,00

This specialized lower body treatment is highly effective in targeting cellulite, improving circulation and hydrating the skin. The combination of expert products and techniques helps to eliminate toxins, smooth the skin’s texture and refine body contours.

Additional treatments
Dr. Vodder manual lymph drainage (25 Min)€ 29,00
Face, neck, décolleté massage (30 Min)€ 39,00
Classic manicure and pedicure treatments
Manicure (45 Min)€ 29,00
Manicure & Peeling & Pack & Massage (60 Min)€ 40,00
Express manicure (25 Min)€ 19,00
Cosmetic Pedicure & Peeling & Pack & Massage (60 Min)€ 40,00
Nails painted with OPI (15 Min)€ 6,00
Nails painted with GelColor OPI (Shellack) (15 Min)€ 21,00

Opening hours and appointments

The Parkhotel Graz Cosmetic is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 22.00 pm and Saturday from 9.00 am to 14.00 pm.

Telephone appointments under 0676 6453 234 or 0316 36 30 or send us an e-mail Cancellation free of charge is possible 24 hours prior to your appointment, later we unfortunately need to charge 80%. We accept cash and credit card.