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Parkhotel's history

From guest house to 4-star superior hotel

The roots of today’s Parkhotel Graz go back to the year 1574. From former guest house “Goldene Birn” to today's Parkhotel, the hotel has seen many generations and has had several owners, who all left an imprint on the house and extended the hotel and refurbished it and have made it to what it is today.

Inspiring history of Parkhotel Graz and Restaurant Florian
Inspiring history

Learn more about the awe-inspiring history of the Hotel in Graz. Various regular guests and lots of celebrities and well-known people from politics, art and culture have appreciated and praised the unique, stylish ambience at the Parkhotel and its closeness to the city centre.

Guest house “Zur goldenen Birn”: 1574-1933

The guest house at the corner of Maijfredygasse/Leonhardstraße has already been mentioned for the first time in 1574. Once well-known as the “Zur goldenen Birn” guest house, the former inn was an important milestone on the main road from Hungary, the Leonhardstraße. Because of its location it was already an important accommodation and retreat for travellers from near and far.

In 1867 the new building was built, which can still be found on 8 Leonhardstraße today. The following decades were anything but glorious, and the hotel lost more and more of its importance, until it got a new owner in 1933: the master baker August Florian bought the “Hotel zur goldenen Birn” and helped it to a new boom. It all started with the construction of a cafe and ended in an enormous refurbishment, which led to the hotel's reopening on 17.03.1934. From then on the hotel has been called “Parkhotel”. 

The Parkhotel run by the Florian family: 1933 to today

World War II did leave its marks on the Parkhotel and so the hotel needed another refurbishment in 1945. August Florian's son, Herbert Florian, took over the hotel with his wife Liesl. After buying the neighbouring buildings and yet another expansion, the hotel gained more and more appreciation. In the late 70s the hotel was forwarded to Dr. Peter Florian and his wife Sissy.

In 1983 the hotel became member of the exquisite group of “Romantik Hotels & Restaurants International” to which it belonged until 2015.

In the early noughties the Parkhotel followed the zeitgeist and offered a small, modern spa area with indoor pool, sauna gym and feel-good treatments.

Since 1st July 2013 Mag. Philipp Florian has been Parkhotel's new CEO.

The milestones of the Parkhotel at a glance:

  • 1574: first mention of a guest house at the corner of Maijfredgasse/Leonhardstraße
  • 1649: first mention of the “Goldene Birn” guest house and inn
  • 1867: the building undergoes a reconstruction and becomes today's building complex
  • 1933: The Florian family buys the “Goldene Birn”
  • 1934: Reopening of the hotel with its new name “Parkhotel”
  • 1989: the Parkhotel Graz becomes a member of the “Romantik Hotels & Restaurants International”  (member until 2015)

Restaurant Florian

Restaurant Florian and Parkhotel Graz in Austria
Restaurant Florian in Graz

The well-known Florian Restaurant contributes to the Parkhotel Graz' excellent reputation. Graz is also know as Styria's Indulgence Capital and the “Florian” definitely lives up to this with a long tradition and the focus on regional, top quality ingredients, which are used by our awarded cuisine team to create exquisite dishes.

Experience unforgettable days in a unique feel-good atmosphere at the historic City Hotel Graz, where you will find an authentic symbiosis of tradition and zeitgeist! The Florian family and the whole team is looking forward to your no obligation holiday enquiry and will immediately reply with an individual offer!