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Hotel's history

Through the ages

The Parkhotel Graz' history dates back to 1574. The “Zur goldenen Birne” guest house was once, where today's marvellous Parkhotel Graz can be found on Leonhardstraße. Because of its prominent location right on the road from Hungary, the Leonhardstraße Road, the guest house was an important milestone in the city already in its earliest years.

Parkhotel Graz and Restaurant Florian in Austria
Renovation of Parkhotel Graz

The “Goldene Birn” guest house

When archduke Johann constructed the Palais Meran (today's university of fine arts) on the ground  opposite the guest house, the master builder Withalm from Maribor bought the one-storey “Goldene Birn” guest house, knocked it down and built the new building, which was finished in 1867. Soon after that, in 1875, the “Goldene Birn” guest house celebrated its 300th anniversary and can still be found on Leonhardstraße in Graz today.

Downswing and upswing

In the following years the hotel's success had gone south, until August Florian took over the hotel. During the depression in the 30s the master baker proved to be very successful, because one could make good money with bread and flour in those days. August Florian developed a passion for property trading. 

The Parkhotel run by the Florian family

Apart from other buildings, August Florian also bought the “Hotel zur goldenen Birn” in 1933, which did not have a good reputation at that time. He wanted to turn it into a coffee house to trade the pastries from his bakery, but soon plans changed. In the course of an enormous refurbishment and reconstruction the house got Styria's first steam heating and was renamed “Parkhotel”, a name that the hotel has kept since 1934.

 In 1936 the wood barn in the patio, which used to be the horse shelter, was knocked down and the picturesque rose garden was created, which has been a piece of paradise ever since. 

Renovation after 1945

Parkhotel Graz in the city centre of the culture capital
Parkhotel Graz in Austria

After 1945 Herbert Florian, son of August who had just returned from war, took over the hotel with his wife Liesl. Because of the destruction during World War II, the hotel was again renovated and gained a great reputation soon after that. In the late 70s the hotel was forwarded to Dr. Peter Florian and his wife Sissy.

The next milestone followed in 1983, when the hotel became member of the “Romantik Hotels and Restaurants International”, Our associated hotel, the Seefischer Hotel on Lake Millstättersee, is also a member.

Shortly before Graz became European Capital of Culture in 2003, the hotel went with the zeitgeist and after another refurbishment offered even more rooms and a modern spa with indoor pool.

Since 1st July 2013 Philipp Florian has been the Parkhotel's CEO.

The building's history at one glance:

  • 1574: first mention of a guest house at the corner of Maijfredgasse/Leonhardstraße
  • 1649: first mention of the “Goldene Birn” guest house and inn
  • 1867: the building undergoes a reconstruction and becomes today's building complex
  • 1933: The Florian family buys the “Goldene Birn”
  • 1934: Reopening of the hotel with its new name “Parkhotel”
  • 1989: the Parkhotel Graz becomes a member of the “Romantik Hotels & Restaurants International” 

Historic flair

Up until today the Parkhotel Graz has delighted its guests with its historic flair, which can be found everywhere in the hotel, especially with its furniture and decoration. The Florian family is looking forward to welcoming you at the Parkhotel Graz. Come and stay with us during your business trip or weekend trip. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry today! See you soon in Graz!