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Sights in Graz

Historic old town

The Graz old town is a true gem of architecture – and has been names UNESCO World Heritage in 1999. The number of its outstanding still existing buildings and landmarks which attract lots of tourists to come and visit Graz. The city is best explored during a city walk. As a guest at the Parkhotel Graz you will enjoy the advantage of staying right in the middle of the city centre.

Cathedral of Graz in Austria
Cathedral of Graz. © Graz Tourismus, Copyright Harry Schiffer

From Herrengasse to the main square

The one kilometre long central axis of the old town, the Herrengasse, stretches from Jakominiplatz to main square (Hauptplatz). People of all ages come here to enjoy shopping or a stroll through the city. Tourists will find the Graz visitor information centre here. Marvel at the magnificent arcades of the Landhaus' patio, the neighbouring armoury, the painted house and the baroque city parish church.

From the Herrengasse you will get to the main square, the old town's core. It's the Graz city hall, built in the late 19th century, and the centre square that will catch your eyes. 

Graz Cathedral

Between Bürgergasse and Burggasse you will find the majestic Graz Cathedral, one of the city's most important architectural and historical buildings. The late Gothic sacred building builds, together with the mausoleum, the theatre and the castle, the “Graz city crown” on the foot of Schlossberg. 

Graz Schlossberg and Clock Tower

City-trip to Graz in Austria
Grazer Uhrturm

The majestic Schlossberg towers above the old town and is at the same time a great lookout, a green oasis and the place for THE landmark in Graz: the clock tower. You can get all the way up via the Schlossberg stairway or take the lift from Sackstraße or the Schlossberg cable car.

Kunsthaus Graz (art house)

Because of its outstanding architecture the building is also called “friendly alien”. The Kunsthaus Graz towers above the sea of red roofs on the left Mur riverside. The museum, which exhibits modern and contemporary art, is part of the Joanneum Univeral Museum. 

Mur Island

Conspicuous – in the middle of the River Mur you will find the floating Graz Mur Island (“Murinsel”), which has become a great attraction since its installation for the European Capital of Culture year in 2003. It is accessible via bridges from both riversides and offers a cafe and a playground and is also a popular venue for concerts. The Murinsel is a true eye-catcher when it is colourfully lit during the night. 

Eggenberg Castle

The baroque Eggenberg Castle is Styria's biggest and most significant castle complex. Walk through the wide gardens and take a look at the collections at the castle's museum. From the Parkhotel Graz you can reach the Eggenberg Castle in about 15 minutes by car.

The Parkhotel Graz is the perfect starting point for your city tours. Take a short walk through the Stadtpark and you will find yourself in the historic old town. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry here!